Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Afghan Food

Haven't tried Afghan food before today, but I was pretty curious when I saw the review in NY Times.  I've been referring to this article a lot lately, since I currently live in Santa Cruz. The restaurant is called Laili and is located on Cooper St. by Trader Joe's downtown.

For appetizers, we got some sort of warm roti and chilled crunchy lime, red pepper flakes, cucumber salad spread.  It was delicious!  I definitely wanted more of the spread though.  Also, the roti was great!  Fluffy, but not too fluffy, soft, etc.  It tasted like between a naan and a tortilla.

For entree, I had an apricot chicken pomegranate flatbread.  Sounds delicious, and it was amazing!  I couldn't believe that food could taste that good.  It was basically a thin-crusted pizza, rectangle shape, but instead of tomato sauce had apricot "sauce" instead.  Also topped with basil....probably one of the most interesting dishes I've ever tasted in my life. 

Justin ordered a lamb wrap, which was pretty good too.  Not sure if I would order it cause eating lamb freaks me out a bit.  He agreed though that my dish was a lot better than his!

We will definitely be returning.  It's like we found a diamond ring in a garbage dump (haha just kidding...Santa Cruz isn't that bad actually).