Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Counter & Kara's Cupcakes

Today Justin and I ate at the Counter at Santana Row for lunch.  It was pretty crowded when we got there, but we were lucky to sit at the bar for no wait.  This restaurant is pretty fun to go to.  The menu is basically a checklist of all the things you want on your burger!
We ordered milkshakes to start off.  I was supposed to get the chocolate one, but Justin ordered a vanilla-chocolate one with Kalua, and ours got mixed up so I ended up getting the vanilla-chocolate with no kalua.  Oh well.  It was pretty good, just not what I wanted.
We also got sweet potato fries and regular fries to start.  Very delicious.  I love the sauce they gave with the sweet potato was mayonnaise and horseradish combined, I think.  Or it tasted like that at least.
Then our burgers came!  Justin got a whole bunch of toppings, including bacon and garlic sauce from what I remember.  The garlic sauce was amazing!!!!  I will definitely have to get that next time.
For my burger, I got grilled pineapple, miso teriyaki sauce, grille onions, mixed greens and a tomato.  Pretty great, especially drizzled with the miso sauce.  Yum!  I should've taken a side view picture to show how tall it was.  Both burgers were really tall, I remember Justin's was at least 3".

This was our second time to the Counter, and definitely not our last!

Kara's Cupcakes was also right around the corner!  I tried a Smores cupcake.  It was pretty good - marshmallow top, which a chocolate cake, and the bottom had smashed graham crackers.  The marshmallow on top was kind of gooey, but I think it may have been because it was sitting in the hot car on the ride home. 
I think I'll have to ask them what their specialty cupcake is next time.  I couldn't tell when I walked in so I got the smore.  Not sure if I'd go back though.  It wasn't as good as Sprinkles.