Friday, February 5, 2010

Sushi Factory

Been too busy in school to blog.  Here's where I went two weekends ago though:
Went to Sushi Factory in Campbell, which is part of San Jose.  This is my favorite place to eat sushi when I want to go all out...meaning all-you-can-eat!  This time Justin, my friend and I sat at the bar, which I liked more because it was faster.  Instead of going through the waiter and ordering, you can just tell the sushi chef what you want right there.  Price is decent, $30 (including tax and tip) a person, for all you can eat sushi. Includes miso soup and salad too...but I think to strategize, you should hold back on the apps.

I couldn't eat much.  The two plates I got were the top and bottom pictures...I think I finished about 90 percent of both together.  Such a fail, but it's always fun eating there.  I think the sushi is pretty good quality for what you get, considering it's sushi made to order.  I think this is my third time going, and I'm definitely returning!  Justin and I realized that we can only go once a quarter though...after eating here, you're OD for sushi for about a week, and OD on Sushi Factory sushi for a quarter in college.